One of the most common complaints we hear as PC engineers is: "My PC is running so slowly now..." etc etc. But what does that mean, and can anything be done about it?


Have you considered that your PC is a bit like your car? When you first buy it, it runs smoothly without any complaints, but as time goes by, wear and tear means it's ready for an MOT. At that point, you don't go out and buy a new car, do you? You give your old car a service, an MOT, tune-up, breathe a little new life into it. Well, we can do the same to your computer with the CTS PC MOT. Think of it as a service for your computer.

You see, PCs can become clogged with dust, the file system can be overwhelmed with temporary files, unnecesary files, the hard disk gets filled up with saved games, old software and the startup sequence, the commands each computer has to go through when you turn it on gets longer and longer, which means your computer is slower to get going every time you turn on the power. Boy, can this get irritating. I've known computers where you can press the Start button on Windows and it takes several minutes for the start menu to appear.


Ok, so the CTS PC MOT is brilliant. What does it do?


It's not a repair service, in the same way an MOT doesn't fix faults. It identifies possible problems and anything small we'll sort out, but if there's are larger fault we'll contact you and talk to you about it.

Quite an impressive list, I'm sure you'll agree. It'll certainly give your computer a good service and get it back up and running. We're able to supply RAM sticks at a far cheaper price than some PC retailers, and that makes a difference too. The cost is surprising as well. A full PC MOT for just £50 including VAT (RAM sticks are extra).


Call us today and book your laptop or PC in. Chances are you won't recognise it when you get it back!

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