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A virtual video can be an extremely effective way to both promote your business and its products or services and to pass on information to your employees, customers or to the general public. A virtual video is an excellent way to deliver just about any information such as health and safety videos, public information videos and instructional videos. Just imagine what it could do for your business. Are your adverts looking old and tired? Then spruce them up with some flashy 3d technology. It will certainly turn many heads.


What can a virtual video do?

Modern virtual video technology allows videos to be designed and produced at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional videos. CTS Engineering can provide you with virtual video design and production to create cost effective, professional advertising or other videos for your business using professional video equipment and chroma key (green screen/blue screen) technology to provide virtually unlimited locations and props for your virtual video, from simple static 2D backgrounds to fully realised 3D virtual sets, we can even create virtual actors appear in your videos all this means that we can completely customise each element in your video to give you the right virtual video to meet your needs and your budget. 3D Video Swansea, that's what it's all about.


I want my video on my website. Can you do this?

We can provide you with videos in a number of different formats and in both standard and high definition resolutions allowing them to be easily displayed in virtually any situation, on the web, a TV, computer monitor or a projector. The videos can be completely customized to meet the exact needs of your business.


I'm not really confident about appearing on camera. Do I have to?

Of course not. No-one's forcing you to do anything you don't feel confident doing. However, that's not to say you can't appear in your video. From a simple digital photograph, we can create a 3d virtual avatar of yourself, record your voice and animate the character. Check out the example above. Think of the possibilities for your corporate videos and 3d animations.


What about studios? Sets? Surely that's expensive.

You'd be surprised. With virtual sets all we need is a camera and a greenscreen. We can place you right into the heart of the action, into fully realised 3d environments. Where would you like to go? A TV Studio? A tropical island? Maybe a space station? We're only limited by imagination. Give us a call on (01792) 204999 and talk to us about how much it would cost. We guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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